Monday, January 9, 2012

Hellooo, blogosphere!

Here I am.


Yeah, I'm still alive AND my fingers can still type!  

But how rude of me-- how have all of YOU been?

I apologize for my absence, but my life has changed just a little bit lately.  
And yes, some of you have noted that some previous blog posts are now MIA. 'Tis true. I removed them. I had a momentary internet/privacy freak out spazz moment and undid them. Which is really too bad since they were pretty good and had pics! But alas, it was the right thing to do.

So, as many of you clever Nancy Drews may have already deduced--

I'm. Dating. Someone.

Wow. That even just looks weird, right?  
But yeah, that's what seems to be happening.  
It's been a slow progression but I'm pretty smitten.  
And, as many funny stories I've had about this one along the way, I just feel that writing about him is a violation.  Hell, I'd be mortified if he found this chronicle of my insanity at all, but at least he can't judge for things I did before I knew he existed, agreed?  But finding me writing about him would surely be a deal-breaker and not one I'm willing to risk.  

However, this all begs the question: 

Now what?!

I don't really see the need to "shut down" this blog.  And, I've really enjoyed telling my ridiculous stories and hearing your feedback and commentary. So, why stop?

I'm not gonna!

I plan on continuing, but it will probably be more of my:
-random musings 
-love of shopping
-any/all beauty products

PLUS, I'd really love this to evolve into some sort of dating forum.

You know, you write me (anonymously if you like) any questions or even just rants about the idiocy of men and the pain that is dating them, and I will respond within the blog.

How fun does that sound??!

I'm on board if y'all are.  So, holla at a sista, would ya?

{missed you}


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